June 1, 2015

Eighteen Months of Magic in Toronto

Media contact: James Alan, james@jamesalan.ca, 416.995.1736 - media tickets available on request

Eighteen months ago, a group of Toronto magicians are out to prove that magic really is for grownups. The show that resulted has been running continuously ever since with thousands of tickets sold and rave reviews from the audience. While magic has seen a surge in popularity on television, this show is real magic: seen close up with no TV cameras or sneaky edits to get in the way. Combining a great live entertainment experience with dinner has created a unique and memorable night out for couples and groups across the GTA.

Every week for the past eighteen months, magician James Alan has dazzled and astonished audiences, accompanied by a roster of amazing special guests. The show has grown to include two venues: the small intimate Crimson Lounge near College & Spadina in Downtown Toronto and the historic Franklin House in Mississauga. 

The Crimson Lounge

The Crimson Lounge

The shows are highly interactive and leave audiences thoroughly entertained while they're well fed and well fooled. Although there is no firm age restriction  keeping children away, the entire evening from the dinner and drinks menu to the intimate ambiance is clearly meant to cater to adults seeking a night out.

James Alan

James Alan

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James Alan, the host and organizer, has a history of creating magic shows which are modern and sophisticated. “It’s the perfect thinking man’s entertainment,” says Tracey Erin Smith, The creator and artistic director of the SOULO Theatre Festival, “if you enjoy having your mind expanded and your inner child dazzled, you will love his work.” His shows Lies, Damn Lies & Magic Tricks (2012) and The Uncertainty Project (2014) made audiences doubt their senses and think about what’s real and what isn’t.

Bill Abbott, Canadian Magician of the Year (2012)

Bill Abbott, Canadian Magician of the Year (2012)

“In many ways this is my favourite of all my magic projects because it’s a collaborative effort,” James says proudly. “The guest performers we feature are absolutely amazing. That’s part of what allows people to come back over and over again, since each show winds up being different. We have new young talent exploring new innovative material for the first time and they’re sharing the stage with veteran performers that were doing this before they were born. Performers like Canadian Magician of the Year Bill Abbott or Glenn Ottaway  who’s now retired but was the emcee of A Little Night Magic in Toronto for over ten years and he’s still brilliant on stage. Afterwards, the younger performers are asking them questions and soaking up expert wisdom. At the same time as we’re entertaining, we’re raising the bar for our own industry.”

Glenn Ottaway

Glenn Ottaway

The shows break one more cardinal rule of modern theatre. Audiences are encouraged to take pictures during the show. "We have nothing to hide, which is ironic because we're all magicians loaded with secrets," says Alan. "If your friend, your coworker or spouse is up on stage helping make the show even more amazing, you should have that memory to hold on to." The Facebook Page is filled with images of smiling audience volunteers. 

Event Specificis

James Alan's Magic Tonight - www.MagicTonight.ca

Tickets at the door or online - $65 (or $35 without dinner)

The Crimson Lounge, 292 College Street @ Spadina,
Sunday nights - 6:00 Dinner, 7:00 Showtime

The Franklin House, 263 Queen Street South
Thursday nights, - 6:00 Dinner, 7:00 Showtime

Media contact: James Alan, james@jamesalan.ca, 416.995.1736 - media tickets available on request

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The Crimson Lounge - Toronto


The Franklin House - Mississauga